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DIY Homemade mask for Brittle nails - Samiksha Danish
DIY Homemade mask for Brittle nails – Samiksha Danish

Nails tell a lot about a persons lifestyle. Strong and healthy nails serve as the perfect representative of the overall health and wellness of a person. Unfortunately in today’s life it gets almost impossible to maintain healthy nails.

Here is a homemade nail mask for brittle nails that really works.

Cayenne pepper mask for brittle nails

1 tsp. – hand cream
½ tsp. – cayenne pepper
10 drops – water
Mix the ingredients well, apply to nails for 15-20 minutes, rinse. Leftover mixture can be kept in a fridge. Use 1 to 2 times a week.

 Black currant nail mask recipe

1 tbsp. – black currant
1 tbsp. – wheat flour
½ tbsp. – cream
Mash black currant with back of spoon until pulpy. Mix well with cream and flour. Apply the mixture on your nails, put on cotton gloves, leave it for 2 hours, then rinse.

Hot oil treatment for dry and splitting nails

-Heat olive oil (warm to touch).
-Add some drops of lemon juice.
-Soak hands and nails for ten minutes.
-Put on gloves after the hot oil treatment and leave them for 20 minutes or overnight for best results.