Vitamin E oil for Brittle nails 


Vitamin E oil for Brittle nails- Vitamin E has oil has been my saviour as I have really brittle nails, especially after having acrylic and gel nails for almost 1 year. I did a lot of reading and found that Vitamin E oil is really good for brittle  and weak nails. So I decided to give it a try. I absolutely love what I’ve been seeing . I rub the oil into my nails at night and in about 2 weeks I’ve seen a considerable difference. My nails are stronger. I’m definitely happy with what I see.

I bought my bottle of Vitamin E oil from Aster Pharmacy, here in Dubai for Dhs 47. Which I think is fine considering the wonders its been doing to my nails.

I would recommend using it at night, as it then when the oil can be absorbed into the nails properly.

brittle nails

Pure vitamin E oil can help rejuvenate breaking nails. For best results, buy a bottle of pure vitamin E capsules, prick the gelatin capsule with a pin, and rub the oil directly on your nails. You can also take vitamin E orally to strengthen nails from the inside out!

Spray Can Nail paint by Nailsinc


Spray on nail polish by nailsinc London
Spray on nail polish by nailsinc London


I’d recently gone for a mutli-brand event that Sephora has organsied. Among all the brands, Nailsinc spray on nail polish caught my attention. Its such a remarkable and a handy product for someone like me who has unsteady hands.  I was soooo intrigued by it that I will be placing an order soon from their website.

So this is how it works (as per their instructions) :

1. You need to apply a base coat. They recommend their base coat, but i reckon any base coat would suffice. Allow it to dry completely.

2. Shake the can and from a distance of 10 -15 cm, spray the  polish directly onto the nail area (cover and protect the areas you are spraying on to).

3. Apply a top coat for a longer manicure.

4. Wash your hands with warm soapy water to wash away any excess polish from the skin. Alternatively you can even use a nail polish remover on a cue-tip.


Spray Can Nail paint by Nailsinc
Spray Can Nail paint by Nailsinc

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