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I’m superrr excited to write this post. I had the privilege to attend the Huda Beauty master class. It was such an amazing class. As a secret (well not sooo much of a secret now..lol) I have been stalking Huda beauty on Instagram for a while now.So when she announced that she was having a master class, I jumped out of excitement and decided that I needed to be there.

The class was soo much fun , where in the first half she beautified a beautiful Nina ali, aka Lipstick mommy on instagram . You can find her on instagram. She dint hold back when it came to sharing all her beauty secrets. We kept bombarding her withhh sooo manyy questions and she kept answering them without any hitch.


So the session started out huda demonstrating makeup on Nina, which I think went on for about 3 hours with breaks in between. We kept asking her doubts  in between and that is why it took her 3 long hours to complete. But the final result was flawless. I cannot divulge much, as I think it would be unfair to huda.


But it can I say one thing, if and ever she decides to have another master class I surely will go for it . And you must too.





Huda beauty master class
Huda beauty master class

Here is what was in the goodie bag. It was such a generous goodie bag.



 Huda beauty master class goodie bag
Huda beauty master class goodie bag

Huda Beauty Lashes I have been obsessing over these lashes for quite some time now.  I don’t even know why I’ve waited so long to write about it.

Huda beauty lashes - Samiksha Danish



Well for starters these eyelashes are great.  As a makeup artist applying lashes for other people comes naturally to me. But when it comes to applying lashes on me, I am pathetic. These lashes have been great as, one they are super easy to apply. I don’t need to squint my eyes in any weird way and two they look so natural.

These lashes are available at Sephora and they start at AED 69, which I think is reasonable considering how well they fall on the lashes.

Here in these pictures I’m wearing two pairs of lashes, Giselle and Coco JO