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Kate Middleton’s Beauty Secret


Bee Venom Facial
Bee Venom Facial


Kate Middleton’s Beauty Secret is Bee Vemon Facial. Yes! You read it right. Bee Venom Facial. The Duchess of Cambridge has been using Bee Venom to keep her skin flawless and even, ever since it was recommended to her by her stepmother-in-law Camilla.

This facial is a big hit among A-listers including Victoria Beckham and Kylie Minogue.

The venom used in facial is extracted using a small metal plate which is placed inside the hive. It carries a very small electrical charge that doesn’t harm the bee but makes it feel threatened so it releases venom.

The plate is hard so the bee retains its sting and survives, unlike when they sting a soft-bodied animal like us. The venom is then scraped off to be used in beauty products.

The secret ingredient is used to fool the skin into thinking it has been lightly stung. This causes the body to direct blood towards the area and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Collagen strengthens body tissue, while elastin is the protein that helps the skin to remain taught. The idea is that your skin will look fresher, younger and tighter almost immediately.

Dubbed the ‘natural botox’ it is a treatment I would definitely recommend and it is the only treatment I have had that has made an instant difference to the appearance of my skin


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Syn-ake : Botox in a bottle 

Unheard skin care routine that has been taking celebrities by storm.

Syn-Ake is an anti-wrinkle chemical based on a synthetic protein fragment that replicates part of the venom of the Malaysian Temple Viper. Pentapharm Ltd. of Switzerland markets Syn-Ake as an anti-aging product. This compound works in a manner similar to Botox to relax tight skin muscles that create wrinkles.

Syn-ake Malayasian Temple viper
Syn-ake Malayasian Temple viper

The venom from this viper is an alternative to Botox. Syn-Ake®, an anti-wrinkle agent derived from snake venom, has been proven to reduce wrinkles by relaxing your facial muscles and smoothing your face. According to its manufacturers, it is ‘clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by up to 52 per cent in just 28 days’. Its famous fans are said to include Cheryl Cole, Kate Moss,Victoria Beckham and The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

Some of the Syn-ake products are

Find out where you can buy them :

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Now a more affordable Syn-ake cream, called Transformulas Wrinkle Block Line Restriction Creme, is available in Boots.

Transformulas Wrinkle Block Line Restriction Creme 15ml Alternate to Syn-ake
Transformulas Wrinkle Block Line Restriction Creme 15ml Alternate to Syn-ake



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