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Helloo my loviless, I know I’ve been away forever and I truly apologize for that.  So, today’s post is all about the famous HUDA BEAUTY lashes.. I’ve been a big fan of her ever since I attended her very first master class. Her lashes never seem to disappoint.  This post is all about Favorite Huda beauty lashes .

My all-time favorite lash is Samantha. As per the description on her website


Samantha is universally flattering. The pair has double stacked lashes of varying length to create a medium volume and feathery look that grant a daytime drama without looking overtly faux. Ideal for regular users and advanced beginners ready to take a step further.

huda beauty samatha
huda beauty samatha

I also love her Eazy lash in Camille

Double stacked end-pieces subtly criss-crossed to create length and volume. Placed from the center to the outer corners of the lash line, these fluttery lashes naturally open the eyes, giving a mesmerizing edge.

Wear them alone, or with a little liner, and you have a gorgeous look that opens your eyes, and gives you subtle drama—sans mascara!

huda beauty eazy lash camille
huda beauty eazy lash camille

Apart from these two I also love her lashes in Scarlette . I usually wear scarrlette only when I have to attend an event .. It is a bit too dramatic for my liking

Scarlette – One of the most dramatic and alluring styles of the collection, Scarlett mixes two layers of straight and criss-crossed lashes creating outstanding length and volume. Hand-crafted to fit all types of eyes, this piece is perfect for lash lovers and nightwear.

huda beauty scarlette  copy
huda beauty scarlette copy
huda beauty scarlette  copy
huda beauty scarlette copy

Claudia and Giselle were one of the initial lashes I had ever purchased.

Claudia – Light and feathery, those natural-looking lashes are subtly criss-crossed to bring a smoky effect to the lash line, adding intensity to most make-up looks. Ideal for beginners and regular users looking for a sophisticated yet natural result.

Giselle – Very natural in style and light in volume, those lashes are ideal for beginners looking to create a subtle statement and defining their lash line. Gorgeous on their own, they are also perfect for stacking with any other style for maximum, after-hours effect.



Yon Ka Facial Treatment

yonka facial treatment
yonka facial treatment

Recently I was invited by Queens Beauty Lounge to review their Yon Ka Facial Treatment. The treatment claimed to purify skin and give it a toned complexion . And that is what it did.

The entire process lasted for 75 minutes after which I left the saloon with clean , perfectly balanced skin.  The moment i got home , my husband complemented me on how my complexion looked . Keep in mind that my husband DOES NOT notice anything , he is one of those people who cannot make a difference at how my skin looks unless something drastic happens to  it. So I guess he noticing a difference meant that the  Yon Ka Facial treatment did something.

The facial not only clears up your skin , it completely relaxes you aswell. Its a Spa- Facial treatment.  The good thing about this facial is that it can be customized for any age and skin type.  My skin is dehydrated combination skin . The lady at the center used 5 Quintessence essential oils to purify my skin.


In a nutshell, these are the Essential steps of your Yon-Ka treatment:

– Aromatic compress

– 2 warm mists with 5 essentials oils

– Plant-based soft gel peel

– Peeling

– Gentle elimination of blackheads

– Relaxing massage of the face,neck and decollete

– Eye contour mask

– Purifying mask with aromatic compress for face and neck

– Aromatic freshness awakening


I highly recommend this treatment for someone who is lacking that GLOW. Its a perfect pre-function treatment .

Queens beauty lounge is located in JLt, Cluster Y. Website – www.queensbeautylounge.com



How to get Makeup out of Clothes 

Its always devastating to see a makeup stain on your favorite T-shirt, especially when you are being careful while wearing or removing that piece of clothing . Its happened to me countless number of times. Also There is nothing worse than smearing makeup on your boyfriends T shirt when you lean to give them a hug ( In my case its my husband). But we’ve all been there. Its through trial and error that I’ve complied a few steps on how to get makeup out of clothes.

How to remove makeup on clothes
How to remove makeup on clothes

Lipstick and Foundation: Because lipstick is oil-based and so are certain foundations, using an oil based cleaner will help to remove the stain. I usually spot treat the stain with a  dish washing liquid like the Fairy and olay dish washing liquid. Gently rub a drop of the soap onto the stain and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Then, use a clean cloth towel to rub the soap into the stain in a circular motion from the outer edges towards the middle. Finish by dabbing the section of fabric clean with a dry towel, and if the stain isn’t completely removed, repeat the process as necessary.

How to remove makeup on clothes
How to remove makeup on clothes

Powder Foundation/ Powder eyeshadows and Powder blush – For a powder stain, I usually mix a few drops of liquid detergent and water and I apply it to the stain . Gently rub it with your fingers in a clock and anti clockwise direction. It usually removes the stain without any hassle.

Mascara ( water proof and otherwise) – Apply vanish on the stain and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. Then you can use the liquid detergent and water mix.


Spray Can Nail paint by Nailsinc


Spray on nail polish by nailsinc London
Spray on nail polish by nailsinc London


I’d recently gone for a mutli-brand event that Sephora has organsied. Among all the brands, Nailsinc spray on nail polish caught my attention. Its such a remarkable and a handy product for someone like me who has unsteady hands.  I was soooo intrigued by it that I will be placing an order soon from their website.

So this is how it works (as per their instructions) :

1. You need to apply a base coat. They recommend their base coat, but i reckon any base coat would suffice. Allow it to dry completely.

2. Shake the can and from a distance of 10 -15 cm, spray the  polish directly onto the nail area (cover and protect the areas you are spraying on to).

3. Apply a top coat for a longer manicure.

4. Wash your hands with warm soapy water to wash away any excess polish from the skin. Alternatively you can even use a nail polish remover on a cue-tip.


Spray Can Nail paint by Nailsinc
Spray Can Nail paint by Nailsinc

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Kaya Aqua Radiance facial review



Kaya Radiance aqua facial. hydration facial
Kaya Radiance aqua facial. hydration facial- 5 hours after the facial. My acne scars looks soooo much lighter and my skin looks way smoother than it normally does.

I was recently invited by Kaya Skin clinic to review their Aqua Radiance facial. I’m someone who loves getting facials, who doesnt ? So when Kaya asked me, I just could not say no. I’m soooo happy that I dint.

Upon reaching Kaya, I was offered a welcome drink by their staff members.

The Aqua Radiance Facial is for someone who is  looking for a  boost of freshness. The treatment started off with a massage which was very soothing and relaxing . Then my face was cleansed with cold air, it was almost shocking your face with cold air but not to an extend where you feel numb. The temperature was just perfect. After the extraction of  bacteria, vitamins were sprayed onto my face . Once that was completed , they did a mini clean up where they removed all my black and white heads. My skin felt super soft and i felt refreshed. The facial ended with a peel off face mask.

Upon completion of the facial, my skin felt and looked like a baby’s skin. It looked fuller, cleaner and fresher.

This facial is a perfect way to cleanse and hydrate your face from Dubai’s hectic lifestyle.

The therapist who did my treatment was Maureen.

For more information on contact details & location, check out the link below.



DIY hair mask for brittle hair
DIY hair mask for brittle hair

I am a firm believer of DIY treatments than expensive hair therapy. I mean why spend all that money when we can get healthy hair by using simple ingredients that can be found in our kitchen .

This home made avocado hair mask is great for dry brittle hair.

Avocado has been used for nourishing hair for centuries .

Olive oil is brilliant for rejuvenating dry damaged hair.

Milk is used to make hair soft and smooth.

DIY hair mask for dry damages hair
DIY hair mask for dry damages hair


Do comment below and let me know if you guys happen to try this .



DIY eyelash serum - Samiksha Danish
DIY eyelash serum – Samiksha Danish



DIY eyelash serum - Samiksha Danish
DIY eyelash serum – Samiksha Danish


Hiii everyone,

Just like our  eyeebrows , our eyelashes play a very vital role in defining  our face (Everyone may not agree to this, but I do believe that  having healthy eyelashes are just as important as having healthy skin).  Buying eyelash serums can get a little too pricey. This is why I wanted to share with this super easy  DIY eyelash serum.

DIY eyelash serum - Samiksha Danish
DIY eyelash serum – Samiksha Danish


Almond oil – Prevents hair follices from falling out

Castor oil – Castor oil been used for centuries for hair growth  Read my previous post on benefits of Castor oil here 

Viatmin E Oil- If you can find pure Vitamin E oil, then you can pop open some Vitamin E capsules, it works just as same.  If you guys have been reading my  posts, then you will know how obsessed i am with Vitamin E oi. Vitamin E oil moisturizes both hair and skin equally well.

Find out the wonders of Vitamin E oil here 


1. Mix the above mentioned products in equal quantities

2. Dip a clean mascara wand into the mixture and gently brush onto lashes from root to tip.   Alternatively you can use a Q-tip

3.Get some beauty sleep

4. Rinse off when you wake up

Source : Livestrong

Its good to be back.  This is my first official video after my pregnancy and man I have missed filming videos.


Casual Makeup- Samiksha Danish

casual makeup copy

Products used:

Primer- Benfit Porefessional

Foundation- Revlon colorstay in warm golden

Concealer- Mac Pro concealer in NC 30

Eyeshdaow- Lid- Marylou Manizer

Crease- Makeupforever eyeshdaow in 30  and Makeupforever sculpting kit in Medium

Brow highlight- Inglot eyeshadow in 463

Face highlighter : Marylow Manizer by the Balm

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Aircel Ad- Samiksha Danish
Aircel Ad- Samiksha Danish


I found this picture while I was clearing up my laptop. This advertisement was for a network provider way back in 2006, back when talking sms was the “IN” thing.

This is me when I was 17 years old 🙂 . Gosh! how time flies.  This advertisement was my first solo hoarding .( I felt so proud of what I’d achieved then, LOL.) Thought I would share this with all you guys .

Now that I’m a mommy now I find it hard to blog these days. Ill keep posting as and when I get time . Happy sleeping . xoxoxo



Happy Mothers day to all. I cant wait to be a mother.This is a Mothers Day Special Makeup video where Ive used my mother as a model.

I thought it would be apt to record a video with my mother for mothers day ..LOL

Its a really simple video. My Mother does however have dark circle, so in this video you can see how to conceal dark circles. 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy this video.

Mothers Day Special Makeup
Mothers Day Special Makeup



Mothers Day Special Makeup
Mothers Day Special Makeup