No More Smudging : How to Prevent Mascara from smudging



No More Smudging : How to Prevent Mascara from smudging 

Personally as a Makeup Artist, one thing I hate the most is Mascara Smudging. Initially I always faced this issue and I wondered “how is it that her Mascara does not smudge?”  Well then I dint know these few tricks that would help you prevent Mascara from Smudging.

1.) If you have sensitive eyes then I would recommend that you use waterproof mascara, as teary eyes can just completely ruin your makeup. I once had a model that had super sensitive eyes. Each time I would apply eyeliner, she would just cry and CRY I mean like a baby. What I did then was instead of applying mascara, I only applied eye shadow and lots of it in her lower lash line, so that then the focus of attention would be the eye in general and not on the mascara. But again, this was just one of those rare cases.

2.) My second tip would be after applying you’re under eye cream and your foundation; one should always give their skin some time to absorb all the products. This also prevents Mascara from smudging.

3.) Applying lots of powder around the eyes does help prevent mascara from smudging

4.) Apply mascara from root to tip, applying the least product on the tips. This prevents the mascara from smudging.

5.) Always wait between coats. Apply your first coat of mascara, wait for it to fully dry and then use a lash comb to separate your lashes before applying the next coat. You don’t need more than two coats — too many coats of mascara can be the cause of bleeding.

6.) Use a Primer. This may not be very common for some of you. But applying a primer gives your lashes the foundation to hold the mascara

7.) The last resort would be FAKING it, by applying false eyelashes.

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