Morning Routine

Morning routine skin care

Morning Routine


I read somewhere that drinking lemon, ginger and honey juice mixed with some water everyday in the morning improved the quality of your skin.  I had decided to give it a try. I followed this regiment religiously for a period of 2 weeks during which I had seen a considerable difference in the appearance of my skin .

Stopping this routine was the biggest  mistake of my life. I still don’t know why I’d stopped drinking this miracle juice. My skin had lost its charm, it became dull and just blah.

Now that I’ve realised my mistake, I have decided to pinpoint the benefits of this juice.


Do give it a try and let me know what you think.

Ginger lemon and honey juice
Ginger lemon and honey juice



Here are so e benefits of drinking lemon juice every morning

1. It clears the skin

2. Boosts your immune system

3. Aids indigestion

4. Energises you

5. Helps in weigh loss

Ginger on the other hand helps in digestion as well, helps in treating morning sickness . Whereas Honey is a natural exfoliator which brings out the natural radiance in your skin.

This this is something I swear by and I recommend you guys to try it out , unless you are allergic to something .

Have a lovely day


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