Kate Upton the new face of Bobbi Brown

Its official, Kate Upton is the new face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics . The 21-year-old model is the new face of Bobbi Brown, the duo revealed on Good Morning America Friday.  “Everything is about the inner beauty,” the blond bombshell admitted. “Bobbi possess that in her brand,” she added.

Here is what they tweeted @Bobbi Brown and @kate upton




Brown tells Upton: ‘It’s really inspirational to see a woman who feels so good and so confident. You do what you feel and you don’t follow anyone’s rule. You are not like anyone else, you are completely individual and independent.’

‘Coming from you, that’s pretty amazing, Upton replied. ‘Definitely my mom gave me a lot of confidence.’

The full campaign is released in July.

You can watch their introductory  video down below


(Source: Bobbi Brown Uk)

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