How to get rid of those dark circles

How to get rid of those dark circles
banish dark circles- Samiksha Danish
banish dark circles- Samiksha Danish


How to get rid of those dark circles

Dark circles is something that everyone suffer, well almost everyone . The only difference would be the intensity . That’s all. We as Indians, tend to have dark circles that can look like  as if we’ve bee beaten up (well figuratively)

There are several different ways to cover dark circles, all that will depend on the color of your dark circle. The color of the corrector/concealer that you would use would depend on

1. Your skin tone

2. The kind of under eye circles you have.

Different kinds of under eye circles

– Bluish Under Eye Circles

– Violet-Reddish Under Eye Circles

– Brownish-Black Under Eye Circles

– Dark and Shadowy Under Eye Circles

As Indians , we commonly suffer from  the last three types of under eyes circles. So depending on your skin tone, You will need the following types of corrector.

  • Deep Rust Corrector (dark orange-copper) for the deepest complexions. Now you don’t have to buy this brand, just look for concealers of this color. This color will act as a corrector, which means that after patting this on you WILL need to apply a regular concealer matching your skin tone.

Under eye corrector - Makeup forever

  • Rich Orange Corrector (deep yellow-orange) For moderately deep complexions.

Makeup forever concealer

  • Salmon Corrector (light orange-pink)  for medium complexions. The options for these types would be to use MAC Studio finish concealer in NW ranges.  ( starting from nw 25- 30 onwards)

MAC Studio finish concealer

  • Pale Coral (palest orange-pink) for the lightest complexions.

Here are some of my favorite concealers  that can be used as a corrector as well.

1. Maybelline Fit me

maybelline fit me concealer


2. Eve Pearl Salmon corrector : You can but them here 

eve pearl corrector and concealer


3. Bobbi Brown corrector : They are my absolute favorites. Buy them here 

bobbi brown corrector


4. Dermablend – This is by Kryolan and you can find them almost anywhere. They are heavy duty corrector/concealers. I love using them on clients and for shoots.

dermablend concealer


And if you do happen to suffer  from blueish- purplish under eyes. Then you will have to use a yellow corrector.  All the above mentioned brands do have yellow corrector. For MAC Concealers you can use NC range concealers. Yellow color concealers


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