So I’ve been following the gorgeous HUDABEAUTY for really  long time and I’ve always always seen her rave about the DIOR STAR Foundation. I decided to take the leap of faith and I purchased the DIOR STAR Foundation 040, which is a little too dark for me. I would be fine for me before  my delivery , but after my delivery I hardly ever go out in the sun and I’ve lost my color so to say. The foundation as such is a charm. It goes on super easy and it lasted me for almost 6 hours without having to powder. If you guys know me then you would know that I’m a grease ball. This foundation did a pretty good job at keeping me less oily.

So here is what I did, I used the grafotiban warm palette to highlight and contour. I blended that using a damp beauty blender and on top of that to make sure everything was seamless, I used the DIOR STAR Foundation with a stippling brush.




On my lips I have NYX soft matter lip cream in Antwerp


Dior star foundation 040
Dior star foundation 040
Graftobian Warm Palette 2
Graftobian Warm Palette 2
Dior star foundation
Dior foundation
Dior star foundation 040
Dior star 040

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