Spray Can Nail paint by Nailsinc

Spray on nail polish by nailsinc London

Spray Can Nail paint by Nailsinc     I’d recently gone for a mutli-brand event that Sephora has organsied. Among all the brands, Nailsinc spray on nail polish caught my attention. Its such a remarkable and a handy product for someone like me who has unsteady hands.  I was soooo intrigued by it that I […]

DIY Homemade mask for Brittle nails

DIY Homemade mask for Brittle nails - Samiksha Danish

  Nails tell a lot about a persons lifestyle. Strong and healthy nails serve as the perfect representative of the overall health and wellness of a person. Unfortunately in today’s life it gets almost impossible to maintain healthy nails. Here is a homemade nail mask for brittle nails that really works. Cayenne pepper mask for […]

How to get rid of Yellow Nails

How to get rid of Yellow Nails

  Many of us suffer from Yellow nails. Yellow nails are caused either due to- 1. Wearing dark nail polish without wearing a clear base coat.(Red, burgundy, and brown-based polishes contain dark pigments that can leave behind a yellow stain on nails.) 2. Fungal infection, chronic liver disease, excessive smoking and poor lifestyle habits. Here […]

Hottest Nail Trends for Spring 2014

Well its official , SPRING is in the air. Its all bout colors and I mean Vibrant COLORS. Inspired by fashion , these colors are a mix of neutrals and brights.   All the colors can be found online. The Brands mentioned are as follows: Chanel : Website  Deborah : Website  Dior : Website  Dolce and Gabbana : Website , Sephora  […]