Vitamin B Complex for Healthy Hair

Vitamin B Complex for healthy hair

  B vitamins consist of a group of water soluble vitamins that are essential to your overall health. Vitamin B complex contains every sort of Vitmin B like  vitamins B6, B12 and biotin. Although the B class vitamins are great on their own, they are a true powerhouse when grouped together. Here’s what you can expect […]

Hairstyles that will make you look YOUNGER

Hairstyles that will make you look younger

Everyone wants to look YOUNG and FRESH  and this can be achieved with simply altering your hairstyles. Here are some Hair tricks that can make you look younger 1. Bangs– Bangs instantly makes your hair look fuller and healthier. They also play a vital role in disgusing wrinkles on the forehead   2. Layers – […]

Henna for Healthy Hair

Henna for healthy hair

Henna is popularly known as Mehendi.Henna is found in places like Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  In ancient times, Henna was used for creating dyes, which were then used for coloring hair. It makes your hair stronger and healthy, if applied regularly. It also makes you hair look smooth and Henna is a natural conditioner. A […]