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Esprit launches Spring/Summer 2016 Collection



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Sunny California was the backdrop at this week’s Esprit event at the Andreaa’s, Grand Habtoor. The setting sun against the beach at JBR was a perfect match for the Spring/Summer 2016 collection which screamed fun. Esprit’s agenda for the season, Enjoyment, highlighted a mix of flavors be at home, out on the town, starting your work day, hanging out with friends, taking some me time, or sharing a magical moment with a special someone. The collection focused on three cross concepts depicted in their lifestyle images– Playful with sophistication, Romance with an Edge and Style with Ease. Overall the collection was a big hit for me. Everything was smart casual and you could mix and match and get pretty much any style you wanted from formal work wear to a casual day on the beach.


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The 2016 spring/summer collection is now available in Esprit store all over the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Spray Can Nail paint by Nailsinc


Spray on nail polish by nailsinc London
Spray on nail polish by nailsinc London


I’d recently gone for a mutli-brand event that Sephora has organsied. Among all the brands, Nailsinc spray on nail polish caught my attention. Its such a remarkable and a handy product for someone like me who has unsteady hands.  I was soooo intrigued by it that I will be placing an order soon from their website.

So this is how it works (as per their instructions) :

1. You need to apply a base coat. They recommend their base coat, but i reckon any base coat would suffice. Allow it to dry completely.

2. Shake the can and from a distance of 10 -15 cm, spray the  polish directly onto the nail area (cover and protect the areas you are spraying on to).

3. Apply a top coat for a longer manicure.

4. Wash your hands with warm soapy water to wash away any excess polish from the skin. Alternatively you can even use a nail polish remover on a cue-tip.


Spray Can Nail paint by Nailsinc
Spray Can Nail paint by Nailsinc

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Beauty hacks that every girl MUST know 


As a woman, we need these quick tips in our lives to make our life easier.

Here are some of my beauty hacks that have helped me get through life 🙂

Tip no 1


Beauty hacks - contact solution
Contact solution

Add a little bit of contact solution to your dried up mascara. If your mascara is more than 3 months old, then please throw that in the bin.

Tip no 2


Beauty hacks that every girl must know
Beauty hacks that every girl must know


Img source : here

Adding a little bit of corn starch in you nail polish will make your nail polish appear matte.

Tip no 3



Bobby pins - beauty hacks
Bobby pins – beauty hacks

Spray a little bit of hair spray on your bobby pins to keep those

 Tip no 4

Beauty hacks
Business card for eyeliner

Use a business card to get a perfect wing for your eyeliner.

Tip no 5

beauty hacks that every girl must know
beauty hacks that every girl must know

Use the one and done philosophy: If you’ve only got a short amount of time (or energy), either play up your eyes or your lips, not both.

Tip no 6 

Beauty hacks that every girl must know
Beauty hacks that every girl must know


To make your lipstick last all day, hold a tissue over your lips and dust them with translucent powder

Tip no 7 

 beauty hacks that every girl must know
beauty hacks that every girl must know


An easy way to look less tired? Use your concealer correctly.

Kaya Aqua Radiance facial review



Kaya Radiance aqua facial. hydration facial
Kaya Radiance aqua facial. hydration facial- 5 hours after the facial. My acne scars looks soooo much lighter and my skin looks way smoother than it normally does.

I was recently invited by Kaya Skin clinic to review their Aqua Radiance facial. I’m someone who loves getting facials, who doesnt ? So when Kaya asked me, I just could not say no. I’m soooo happy that I dint.

Upon reaching Kaya, I was offered a welcome drink by their staff members.

The Aqua Radiance Facial is for someone who is  looking for a  boost of freshness. The treatment started off with a massage which was very soothing and relaxing . Then my face was cleansed with cold air, it was almost shocking your face with cold air but not to an extend where you feel numb. The temperature was just perfect. After the extraction of  bacteria, vitamins were sprayed onto my face . Once that was completed , they did a mini clean up where they removed all my black and white heads. My skin felt super soft and i felt refreshed. The facial ended with a peel off face mask.

Upon completion of the facial, my skin felt and looked like a baby’s skin. It looked fuller, cleaner and fresher.

This facial is a perfect way to cleanse and hydrate your face from Dubai’s hectic lifestyle.

The therapist who did my treatment was Maureen.

For more information on contact details & location, check out the link below.

Simple Day Time Glam look

So, its good to be back . I know I’ve been away for a really long time . Its been an embarrassingly long time.
Nevertheless, todays look is a simple day time appropriate look. You can wear this look for a girls day out/ or for a date time date / or to the mall for shopping ( Thats if you like to wear makeup to the mall )

Most of the products that I used, I got in the hudabeauty master class goodie bag.
Hope you guys enjoy this video

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Motives Eyeshadow palette . Find it here
Mascara- Gurelian maxi lash so volume . Find it here 

Lashes- Huda beauty mink lashes in naomi

eyeliner pencil- urban decay pervesion
Eyebrows- Anastasia Beverly hills brow wiz n dark brown
Contact lenses- solotica natural mel
Eyeshadow base- Painterly by Mac

Foundation- Estee lauder double wear in tawny
Contouring – L .A girl pro concealer in beautiful bronze
Blush- Max factor creme puff blush in Mauve


This post is a continuation of my previous post, which you can find it here.

I was asked to come in a review their procedures, and as you may know I decided to go in and consult with their dermatologist the apt procedure for my skin type. To keep you all informed, I have really bad acne and acne scaring . The doctor there asked me to do a chemical peel.  He did two cosmo and two salysilic acid peel for my skin .

The procedure was done more than 10 days ago ( from this post) . I did see some mild peeling, which I told was normal. I however had to take extra care while the peeling lasted and was strictly asked not to peel the skin on my own. I did exactly as I was told  and by judging the before and after pictures you can see that my skin is still a little red, but my acne scaring has reduced considerably.

My personal opinion about the procedure is that, its a must for people who have suffered from acne all their life . This treatment/procedure needs to be repeated every 2 to 3 weeks for a period of 4 to 5 months or depending on how you skin is.


Kaya before and after
Kaya skin clinicbefore and after


Ferrarucci Matte Lipsticks

I went to dragon mart today and I saw this small kiosk in the middle of no where. They were selling this brand of makeup called Ferrarucci. Ive seen them a couple of times before, but i  never thought much of them . I decided to take a leap of faith in their product, and I ended up buying a few of their matte lipsticks.

These matte lipsticks are the bomb. I bought these lipstisks for AED 25. With everyone going crazy with matte lips lately, these lipsticks are sleek and affordable. I have no idea how many shades they have, but they sure do have a lot.

The color I’m wearing here is FLC46. Lipliner is MAC Cosmetics Lipliner in Pink Treat.

The only draw back with this is that after I eat,I see a huge portion of  the lipstick missing right from the center of my lips. It looks a little weird and I have to immediately re apply the lipstick. What can you expect from a lipstick that costs AEd 25?

Have you guys tried this brand ? Let me know by commenting below 🙂


Ferrarucci lipsticks
Ferrarucci lipsticks
Ferrarucci lipsticks
Ferrarucci lipsticks

Kaya Skin Clinic – Acne Treatment 

If you’ve been following me, then you would know that I’m someone who has been suffering from ACNE  all my life. With that being said there is no treatment ( except Accutane) that I have not tried. And there hasn’t been any treatment that has truly worked for me. I’ve done it all.

I decided to go to kaya and try their acne solution treatment solution. I was asked to come in and meet the doctor as he would analyse my skin and then decide what would be apt for me.

The doctor that I met was Dr. Wael Aboudiab. Upon analyzing my skin, he decided to put me on an  hydro cortisone cream for 10 days . I’m currently on day 7 and I can say that my redness has reduced by a lot and I mean a lot.

I have my next schedule on the 11th and that is when depending on the condition of my skin, he would decide the appropriate procedure for me.

As I’m a feeding mother, I had to make sure that the procedure  and creams that would be prescribed to me would be friendly for a lactating mother. And they are. Dr. Wael prescribed me Locoid cream

A little background on my skin, my acne is usually around my t zone and on my cheeks. But after delivery I’ve started to get acne around my mouth as well. Dr. Wael, did say that my acne is hormonal, with that being said, the cream that he prescribed ( Locoid cream) has really helped me with my redness atleast. But again this is just the first step. Lets hope that this treatment doesn’t disappoint me like all the other treatments in the past. ( As a note, i do feel positive about this treatment )


For some one who is curious what Locoid is,

Locoid cream is a topical corticosteroid. It works by reducing skin inflammation. Find more about the cream here

Locoid cream
Locoid cream


To book an appointment with Kaya skin clinic, click here 


Note: I was approached by kaya skin clinic to review their treatment. In no way will that affect my review. I will give my 100% honest review

Reduce Pores Naturally

Home remedies for Open pores

Open and Large pores are everyone’s concerns and Im no exception. Open pores is one of my biggest skin insecurity  ( apart fro my Acne). Over the yeas  through trial and error I’ve found something that  works well in reducing the “appearance” of my pores.

These are something that we all know, but we forget to implement in our lives. It could be either because we are too buys with our lives or we simply chose to over look it. We can find these indigents in our kitchen. Natural  remedies may be slow but they sure do get the job done .

I’ve been using these for about 5 months now ( on and off and I see a huge difference in my pores). The problem with me is that when ever I see a difference I get complacent. ( I know I know .. I shouldn’t .. But I DO)

So, here it is

1. Ice cubes –

Every night after washing your face and before applying your toner, rub 1 ice cube all over your face and pat dry

2. Apple cider vinegar
  1. Mix equal amounts of organic apple cider vinegar and water.
  2. Soak a cotton ball in the solution and apply it to your face.
  3. Leave it to dry off naturally
  4. For best results, use this remedy every night after cleansing your face. Follow up with a light moisturizer. You will notice improvement within a few weeks.
3. Egg whites

Simply whisk an egg white and spread it evenly on your face. Allow it to dry completely, and then rinse it off.


Home remedies for open pores
Home remedies for open pores


Huda Beauty Mink lashes in Naomi and samantha

Motives cosmetics

So I had the privilege to attend the huda beauty master class which was conducted last week.

In the goodie bag there were her full set of lashes and one pair of mink lashes. I got the naomi mink lashe, which I think are amamzing for my eye shape. Along with her lashes we all got her glue and one box of her nails. Nails review will come later .

Also in the goodie bag we got the motives eye shadow palette.

So I created this look using the motives eye shadow palette in beauty weapon palette


huda beauty naiomi and samantha
huda beauty naiomi and samantha
huda beauty naiomi and samantha
huda beauty naiomi and samantha