Beauty Myths vs Facts

Beauty Myths vs Facts






Beauty Myths vs Facts 

Let’s be honest, we all have at some point tried all these different kinds of “Beauty Regime” in the hope that it would just magically work. But many a times we’ve been disappointed.

So I’ve decided to put down a list if Myth vs. Facts about makeup.

1.) To find your perfect foundation color, match it to your cheek, forehead, hand or wrist.

MYTH. Foundation should always be matched to your jawline as that is the place which will ideally match both your face and your chest.


2.) Use a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation to disguise under-eye darkness.

MYTH. It will only accentuate the under- eye darkness. Concealer should always match your skin color. It’s become a trend these days to wear a lighter concealer, but that on the assumption that you don’t have dark circles. If under-eye darkness is excessive, you’ll want to try a ‘color corrector’ to neutralize the discoloration


3.) Red lipstick is not for everyone.

MYTH.  False. Anyone can wear red lipstick, they just need to find the right red for them. Choosing the right color of red is very important. Choosing something very bright will make you look like a clown.


4.) It’s safe to share cosmetics and makeup

MYTH. By sharing brushes and other cosmetic tools, you risk swapping germs and bacteria with another person. Sharing eye makeup can result in a serious eye infection.


5.) Expensive cosmetics are better than inexpensive.

MYTH. The absolute truth is that there are good and bad products in all price categories. It’s all about the formulation, not the price. Spending less doesn’t hurt your skin, and spending more doesn’t help it. Again, it’s all about the formulation, not the price.


6.) Your skin adapts to products you use and eventually stop working.

MYTH. Skin doesn’t adapt to skin-care products any more than your body adapts to a healthy diet.


7.) Mature ladies cannot wear shimmery/frosty makeup

MYTH. Completely false! Shimmery makeup can be worn at any age. More important is how you wear it. You probably would want to wear a little less as you get older.


8.)  Always apply makeup in natural light

FACT. Natural light is less forgiving; therefore applying your makeup in it gives the most desirable results. If natural light is not available, use the strongest light possible.


9.) You should never ‘pump’ the mascara wand in and out of the tube

FACT. Doing so pushes air into the tube, hence drying out the mascara and increasing the risk of bacteria getting in. A more effective way of getting mascara onto the brush, is turning the wand inside the tube, and then gently pulling it out.


10.) Blackheads relate to cleanliness and can be scrubbed away.

MYTH. Blackheads may make skin look dirty, but they are unrelated to dirt.

11.) Waxing eyebrows causing wrinkles around the eyes.

MYTH. Natural aging, environmental damage, constant movement of eyes contributes to fine lines and wrinkles.


12.) For every gray hair plucked two will grow back in its place.

MYTH. Plucking gray hair will cause ONE new less pigmented strand of hair to grow in its place

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