Beat hair problems with 1 ingredient – EGGS

healthy har with eggs jpegEggs are known to be rich in protein, vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that can repair various hair problems and give you healthy shiny hair. 

Eggs are known to combat split ends, dry brittle hair, hair loss, dry scalp , dull hair and most importantly they condition you hair.

Crack at least 2 eggs into a bowl and mix thoroughly. For longer hair, you may need more eggs. Massage the mixed eggs onto dry hair. Make sure to really saturate your hair. This can get messy, so you may want to do it over the bathroom sink. Allow 15 minutes for your hair to absorb the eggs. Then rinse your hair thoroughly with cold water only. Cold water not only closes the hair follicle, but it won’t cook the egg as warm or hot water can. After rinsing, shampoo as usual.



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