How to get glowing skin overnight -3 Homemade Skin Lighting Masks

How to get glowing Skin

Every girl dreams of smooth skin, skin that does not have marks. Not necessarily being fair, but definitely having smooth SPOT free skin.  Personally I think using Homemade Masks work so much better than chemically treated products. They may take some time for results to be seen, but they are 100% safe on the skin.   So here are some Homemade masks that work.

Smooth Skin - Samiksha Danish



  1. Tomato and Gram Flour mask

tomato and gram flour mask2.   Milk , Honey and Lemon Juice mask

milk honey and lemon juice


Precautions that need to be taken while using Lemon juice

Lemon juice increases skin’s photo sensitivity, so refrain from applying the juice immediately before spending time outside. If irritation or redness occurs, rinse your skin with cool water and discontinue use. Try a small amount of lemon juice on the inside of your forearm 24 hours before applying the juice to your face. If you have a reaction to the juice, do not use it on your sensitive facial skin. If going out in the sun apply sunscreen after using lemon juice


3.    Papaya and Egg white face mask

papaya and egg white skin lighting face mask

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