How to get Makeup out of Clothes

How to remove makeup on clothes

How to get Makeup out of Clothes  Its always devastating to see a makeup stain on your favorite T-shirt, especially when you are being careful while wearing or removing that piece of clothing . Its happened to me countless number of times. Also There is nothing worse than smearing makeup on your boyfriends T shirt when you lean to […]

DIY Blackhead Removal Hacks and Tips

DIY Blackhead Removal Hacks & Tips, natural remedy , get rid of blackheads and whiteheads, skincare, oily skin, beauty hacks

DIY Blackhead Removal Hacks and Tips Ever wanted to get rid of those pesky little nasty blackheads ? I’m guessing YES. Here are some DIY Blackhead Removal Hacks and Tips that will make your life easy. But, before we jump right in, we need to understand the difference between blackheads and whiteheads . ( Most […]

Kate Middleton’s Beauty Secret: Bee Venom Facial

Bee Venom Facial

Kate Middleton’s Beauty Secret     Kate Middleton’s Beauty Secret is Bee Vemon Facial. Yes! You read it right. Bee Venom Facial. The Duchess of Cambridge has been using Bee Venom to keep her skin flawless and even, ever since it was recommended to her by her stepmother-in-law Camilla. This facial is a big hit among […]